Sunday, March 8, 2009

Personalized Birthday Hats and T shirts

Are you ready for your little one's big day?? The first birthday is a huge day for any parent! After planning 3 first birthdays I know it can be overwhelming, exhausting and nerve racking! Making sure everything is perfect for your little one!

Here are just a few things I have learned when planning my children's birthday parties (especially the first one)
1. Always make sure your child is well rested! Planning the party around their schedule instead of the "perfect party time" really helps. You want to make sure you get the good hands in the cake shots!
2. When ordering a smash cake--order the cake with light colored icing and minimal frosting. There is nothing worse than trying to get primary color icing colors out of your child's special birthday outfit!

3. Make sure your batteries are charged up and in your camera (hmmm can you tell this is something that happened to me?)
4. I love themes and I love to have theme cakes. But a lot of the time the cake doesn't always get eaten. I have the best cake lady in Joliet, IL and I don't even like cake. To get everyone to try the cake I always have really cool handmade centerpieces. I put stickers on the bottoms of a few of the cake plates and whoever gets the sticker takes the centerpiece home. I usually make 8-10 centerpieces. Reed's centerpiece one year were beach buckets full of candy on sticks and a book. This was his first year. Gwendelyn's centerpieces were flower cookies in flower pots and Olivia's centerpieces were fresh flowers. The picture was of a centerpiece I did last year for Reed's birthday it served as a dessert and a little gift to take home.
5. Of course the biggest tip I have for all the birthday parties-- Make sure to order your child's personalized birthday hat and shirt from Think you have run out of time?? Just send an email I usually can accommodate those birthday hat requests :) Birthday Bibs are a great idea to keep those fancy outfits clean! Plus the minky dot fabric is very nice to wipe the child's face instead of those harsh paper towels and napkins. Birthday shirts can be used for over their outfit or as the outfit. Birthday hats well that is just a must for any birthday! I have created a ton for first birthdays but also for 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's birthdays!! It is way too much fun to have a hat for your big day! A lot of customers choose a Birthday Girl or Birthday Boy hat with no number and one color to be used for each birthday. Start a tradition or make sure you have a beautiful keepsake as a reminder that this special day marks one year that your miracle came into this world.

Birthday Hats make wonderful photo props!

All hats are custom made to fit your birthday theme or color scheme.

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