Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Photo Contest is now up!

Voting starts NOW!!! Sugar Locks Cutie of the month contest is open until March 19th. The winner will be announced on the home page of on March 20th. The cutie with the most votes will receive a free personalized t shirt! Want to enter your Sugar Locks Cutie? Please send all photos to with the subject title Photo Contest. All contestants must be wearing a Sugar Locks item to participate. Once a photo is submitted you are allowing Sugar Locks to use the photo on the website and in any publications. Like what these cuties have on? Click on the title link to go to the page!

GO TO to place your vote!!

#1 Holiday Shirts

#2 Holiday Initial Shirts

#3 Birthday Number Shirts

#4 Birthday Hats

#5 Birthday Bibs

#6 Birthday Ladybug Shirt Upgrade

#7 Minnie Princess on Upgrade Ruffle Sunflower Dresses

#8 Holiday Initial Shirts

#9 Holiday Initial Shirts

#10 Minnie Princess Shirt

#11 Initial Shirts

#12 Birthday Boy Hats

#13 Birthday Cupcake Hat

#14 Custom Ribbon Shirt

#15 Custom Birthday Hat

Spring Cleaning!! SALE!!!

I found a box of t shirts. The brands and styles I no longer use. $10.00 per shirt does not include shipping. SAVE up to $15 per shirt!! Great for gift giving! Think Christmas, Birthdays, Holidays or just because! All shirts are initial or bday number shirts (fabric initial just let me know what color scheme you would like I have a ton of fabric that I am in need to get rid of) or simple name shirts (simple name shirts are either just their first name in font of your choice and thread color, first initial in one color with name over it choose 2 colors, monogram (first LAST middle) choose thread color and font).

Here is what I have. PLEASE NOTE first ones who email me and then pay will get the shirt first. I will go in order of time on email. I will update the note as much as I can.

To place an order please email me at
1. Copy the exact description of the shirt you want
2. Initial, Birthday number, Mickey or Minnie plain head (black head and red and white or pink and white fabric applique bow) OR simple name shirt
3. Thread color and color scheme--please do not pick specific fabric I will be using fabric that is not listed on the site
4. Payment--credit card please leave your phone number or paypal please leave your paypal address
5. Address to send it to

**All orders will take 2-3 weeks to complete. I have been extrememly busy lately!

**Bella (can be for a boy or girl) lap style long sleeve shirt 12-18M *fits like a 6-12M
Rabbit Skins 12M light blue short sleeve shirt onesie style (snaps at crotch but fits like a shirt)
Old Navy 18-24M dark green long sleeve shirt
Kavio short sleeve size 2 white shirt (thinner than normal)
3 Bella 3T short sleeve white shirt (jersey thinner) **Fits like a 2T
Old Navy 4T brown long sleeve shirt
Faded Glory XS 4/5 white short sleeve shirt
Kavio XS long sleeve white jersey knit shirt (thinner than normal)
Fruit of the Loom XS green short sleeve shirt (roomy)
2 Old Navy orange (more like a burnt orange) XS short sleeve shirt
Old Navy red and black rugby style shirt XS (I will put a mickey head on this one)
Rabbit Skins long sleeve white shirt 5-6 (fits more like a roomy XS)
3 Old Navy Large Navy blue ringer (great for initial--this one I will do a plain mickey head on)
Gildan Large Long sleeve white shirt (unisex runs big)

Rabbit Skins 2T grey pull over hooded sweatshirt (unisex)

Bella 3-6M light pink long sleeve shirt (fits more like a 3M)
Bella 6-12M white lap style short sleeve shirt (fits more like a 6M)
Bella 6-12M white shirt with red cap sleeves (Fits more like a 6M)
Bella 6-12M light pink long sleeve shirt (fits like a 6M)
Old Navy 6-12 bodysuit with ties on the arms light pink
2 Old Navy 6-12 bodysuit with ties on the arms rose color
Kavio 18m tank dress light pink with hot pink trim on neck, arms and lettce edge on bottom (fits like 12M)
Bella 12-18M *(fits like a 12M) white short sleeve lap style shirt
Old Navy 12-18m bodysuit with ties on the arms lilac
Old Navy 12-18 month long sleeve rose color shirt
Old Navy 18-24M long sleeve red shirt
Old Navy 18-24 month long sleeve rose color shirt
Bella 18-24M long sleeve white lap style shirt (fits like a 18M)
Bella 18-24m bodysuit thermal long sleeves light pink with hot pink stitching (fits more like 12-18)
Bella 2T (fits like a 18-24M) long sleeve light pink shirt
**SOLD**Old Navy long sleeve 2T rose color shirt
Bella 3T (fits more like a 2T) long sleeve light pink shirt
2 Old Navy 3T long sleeve rose color shirt
Bella 6-8 (fits like a small) light lilac shirt
Anvil Small hot pink shirt (boxy unisex style)
Old Navy Medium Black shirt
Old Navy Medium light pink shirt
Bella 10-12 Fits like a Medium red short sleeve shirt
Bella 10-12 *Fits like a Medium white with red ringer on neck and arms
Bella 14-16 *fits like a big medium or small large white shirt with hot pink cap sleeves
Bella 14-16 (fits more like a Large) red short sleeve shirt
Bella 14-16 (fits more like a Large) lilac short sleeve shirt
Bella 14-16 (fits more like a Large) white shirt with hot pink ringer on neck and arms
**Gildan light pink hoodie sweatshirt (name on the front) roomy
Old Navy XL Hot pink puff style sleeves shirt

Fun stuff on sale
5-Kid aprons pink and white check with pink chef hats. Names only on both hat and apron $10
3-Pink chef hats name only $6.00

SJ Bottle Buddies $5.00!!! Many many many left great Easter presents!!