Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NEW NEW NEW!! Vinyl Lettering Available!

New at Sugar!! Custom Vinyl Lettering available!!! More gifts to come! Adorable plastic buckets have been listed with vinyl lettering! This makes an adorable gift for a baby, new sibling, graduate, etc!! Also a great organizing tool! The sky is the limit!

Need your name or a word done in vinyl?? No problem! We offer 19 different color choices!! Watch for more vinyl gifts and sayings coming soon!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stephen Joseph Bottle Buddies

Stephen Joseph Bottle Buddies are unique, affordable and ageless! When the bottle buddies came out last year I tried the product out at our hair salon and I was amazed by who was purchasing! I figured how cute for kids but I didn't expect a Harley Davidson Motorcycle group to all want them for their rides!! Then the bachelorette girls that had to have them for their party and the list goes on..... I have sold and personalized the bottle buddies for kids, adults and businesses!

Personalization is done on the strap and makes a great item to take on vacation to the zoo or just outside when playing. Made to fit a water bottle, however some sippy cups and alcoholic beverages also fit nicely! At $6.00 each ($7.00 personalized) makes a great birthday party favor! The adjustable strap allows toddlers and adults easily carry them. No more "Hey Mom can you hold my drink!!" Now your child can hold their own! For babies and toddlers insert a sippy cup or bottle and loop around your stroller's bar or strap and pull through--this way your bottle/sippy cups never falls on the ground while shopping!! Great for car rides loop around the crotch strap and pull through, never again will you hear crying when the bottle falls.

The new bottle buddies are hear and in stock!! The adorable Pirate, Flower, Hippo and Mermaid are way too cute!!!

These cute bottle buddies are on sale until the end of the month! Stock up for the summer birthdays! Even though I keep six of each in stock I am constantly selling out on the website and at the salon so please contact me if you need more than 6!!