Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Products coming soon to Sugar Locks!

There are a lot of new changes happening at Sugar Locks in the last few weeks of February! First I opened up a new blog account with Blogger! I am hoping this will be more user friendly once I figure out how to link it to my website. If you like the new blog make sure you follow it to learn all the new products and product reviews from myself and from other moms and bloggers!

Next I have over 40 new products and designs to list! The past month and the beginning of this month has been crazy lately! One of the most popular items? Mouse head t shirts for your vacation to the Magic Kingdom! I received an email from a customer letting me know she saw several t shirts while she was down there and it happened to be from Sugar Locks!!

Runner up is our adorable diaper covers for the girls and the new boy gift sets! Very popular for Baby Showers and New Baby Gifts! Every mom loves to see their son or daughter's name embroidered especially when it is something to wear! All of our gift sets come in a box wrapped with tulle and tagged with one of Sugar Locks professionally made gift tags! You will be set to go to any shower or visit with the new baby. As with all of our products if you need to send this to a different city, state or country you can choose to have it shipped to a different address and a gift receipt will be enclosed! Sugar Locks even has FREE gift cards!

What I will be working on in the next few days... Uploading all of the new products that I have done over the past month and then getting ready to launch a new line of gifts! I am very excited to launch the new items. Here is a hint....makes a great gift for not only babies but for tweens and teens! More details coming later....

Also coming in March is a whole line of invitations, announcements and thank yous all personalized! This is something that I have been working on getting up and running but with the amount of orders coming in I can't do it on my own. This will be done by Erin, a Sugar Locks employee and avid scrapbooker! I am so excited to bring another exciting product line for you to make Sugar Locks a one stop shopping for all the special personalized items you need!

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