Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Christmas in July?!?!?!?

Last week I was applaud at Hobby Lobby for putting out all Christmas decorations even lighting the trees! Was there Halloween and Fall stuff adorning the shelves? Nope, but there were Christmas lights, ribbon, garland, tinsel and ornaments packed on the shelves. I of course had all 3 children with me and they oohed and ahhed over the lights and pretty ornaments. Then the questions came "When is Santa coming?" "Mom I want this for Christmas?" "Where is the snow?" When young children see all of the Christmas stuff out they automatically think Santa is coming now! Boy aren't they disappointed when I pointed out Christmas is 6 months or 1/2 a year away. They heard the number 6 and think days. Since I am in this constant Q&A and arguing about Christmas I thought instead of being a Scrooge I would play Santa which is more fun!

So Christmas in July sale begins all Christmas t shirts are $15.00!!! (savings of $10!) Even better long and short sleeve options are available! Don't wait this offer is good until July 7th!!! No coupon or code is needed. Please note being that these are Christmas t shirts the order will take a full 2 weeks. Please order different products separately if you can't wait the full 2 weeks.

Click HERE for the Christmas shirts!

By the way our Hobby Lobby trips are numbered and now I make sure that dad or a sitter is with them before I enter the store.

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